Her Voice Carries

Her Voice Carries is an art project led by Sarah C. Rutherford that features women who are lifting up the voices of others. The intention is to create a network of murals that weave a collective story laced with individual truths.


In 2017, the project began by focusing on five women who were living and working in various communities in Rochester, NY. Each woman was photographed, interviewed, drawn and painted. The project comprised a series of murals located throughout the five sections of the city. As the project grows to the national stage, the concept is refined to selecting one woman from a city and bringing her image and story to a different city, thus building connections across our country as well as emphasizing the commonalities of our human experience through the leadership of empowered women.

Haverhill is the first stop on the National tour of Her Voice Carries. A mural of a woman from Rochester will be painted in Haverhill this Fall, and based on the nominations we receive, a woman from Haverhill will be painted in the next city. Please take some time to consider the empowering women of our community, and share with us their stories.


Her Voice Carries, Haverhill is sponsored in part by O+ (pronounced O Positive) a cultural and wellness organization that supports the health of underinsured artists and musicians through Festivals at which they exchange artmaking and performances for wellness services.