The Switchboard
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haverhill, ma

The Switchboard


Located in the heart of Haverhill’s Arts District, The switchboard seeks to unite, inspire, and support the creative community of Haverhill by providing entrepreneurial and experience-based opportunities through art and music based programming.

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TIMING IS EVERYTHING.  The ultimate cliche, yet so fitting if one wishes to know the history of The Switchboard. Owners Hailey Moschella and Sarah LoVasco relocated to Haverhill, MA within one year of each other. Looking for ways to connect to their new community, they met working together on a nationally recognized festival for it's inaugural year in Haverhill. 

Realizing their shared passion for community involvement through creative arts, Hailey and Sarah formed The Switchboard. Hailey brings a breadth of experience in authoring lesson plans, teaching, engaging communities, and a passion for connecting people. Sarah offers The Switchboard her experience running SJ Art Consulting, a sister business which pairs artists with holistic collectors in the community. 

The Switchboard is a space that belongs to the community in which it sits. We are a gathering space, celebrating the City of Haverhill and it's diverse and spectacular residents. Open crafting days, holiday art markets, collaborations with local businesses, educational speaker series... come play with us!

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Hailey and Sarah

43Washington St. Haverhill, MA 01832